Not known Details About Xycolo Dolls

Several characteristics of the head is often custom made individually; by way of example, the pores and skin tone and the hair design and style is configurable.

夢の姿が会社として信頼、品質を認められ、日本国内メーカが直販の代理店となりました。そしてトップレベルの特殊効果メイクアップアーティスト及びトップクラスのファッション雑誌カメラマンの参加により、星芸人形の商品は型、化粧、色彩に突破的な変革をもたらしました。「ソールを ドールに」とのスローガンを基本にブランドを追求し、生活と人生に前例のない喜びと変化をを与えられますよう、力を尽くしています。

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当店は、お客様からお預かりした個人情報は責任を持って保管し、商品の発送業務以外、第三者に譲渡・提供する事はございません。 当店について

Many characteristics of the head is usually custom made independently; by way of example, the skin tone as well as the hair design is configurable.

The hair the factory has entry to is usually straight, so types of limited curls will not be recommended.

Numerous attributes of this head can be personalized individually; as an example, the skin tone, the eye colour, along with the hair shade is configurable.

A great deal of attributes can be personalized separately; by way of example, the pores and skin tone along with the hair fashion is configurable.

【おすすめポイント】 ☆激かわミニドール「栞」入荷!☆ ☆最短即日出荷可能☆


A lot of characteristics could possibly be customized independently; for instance, the skin tone plus the hair fashion is Xycolo Dolls configurable.

On the list of only doll producers to layout doll skeletons in Aluminum, with more hinges in the backbone, so the doll can carry out total Yoga poses.

There are 2 choices for the Skeleton of one's Doll: Welded Steel - this is the default for platinum silicone, although you can decide to up grade on the bolted aluminium skeleton. No spine hinge, has wired fingers, and heavier


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